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 A Proven System for Commodity and Futures Trading

For years, the commodities market has been a hard-to-access domain for investors seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities. However, with the automation of the trading floors in 2005 and the advancements in technology, the commodities markets have recently become increasingly accessible to the individual investor. with 90 years of combined futures trading experience has created mechanical futures trading systems to aid investors gain access to these markets. These trading systems work hand-in-hand with today’s automated trading platforms taking all human emotion out of managing money. No longer will your financial portfolio be manipulated by any one individual broker, financial planner or trader that may or may not be having a good or bad day.

All of our systems, being out of the market at the end of the trading session each day, give the investor a smaller amount of risk and return per trade than longer trading time frame systems.

You should also keep in mind that regardless of the consistency of the past performance that past results are not indicative of future gains. There is always risk in trading these markets, and only you can determine the appropriate amount of money to be used. However we feel that we offer a very fair risk reward ratio coupled with a wide range of diversification to an otherwise risky market. Our trading systems can complement any well-rounded portfolio.

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The risks associated with trading futures may be substantial. Only those emotionally and financially prepared should invest. There is risk of loss when trading or investing in Futures and Options on Futures. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however, there is no guarantee to its accuracy or its completeness. There is no assurance that any reader who uses this information contained herein will achieve favorable results. The authors and providers disclaim any responsibility for any consequences that might arise directly or indirectly from the use thereof. Any mention of performance in any context whether actual or hypothetical is no guarantee of future performance.



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