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Edge Alerts Automated Futures Trading Signals

Automated Algo Trading

Edge Alerts is the automated algorithmic trading signals service of the Edge Suite.  It provides the day trader with key timing information of when to trade specific markets that have been identified for potential gains.  Powered by the insightful trade suggestions from Edge Scout, Edge Alerts sends the day trader timely SMS text messages to a mobile device or email inbox when favorable conditions are present and the window of opportunity is open.

Remove Guesswork: Know What Market To Trade, Direction, and When

Edge Alerts not only provides the market, but also the direction and time to execute the trade.  Edge Alerts lets you know to take action and make the trade when optimal conditions exist.  In other words, ExitPoints Alerts tell you "Trade Now," which eliminates much of the guesswork and hassle with monitoring multiple markets, only to end up confused, frustrated, and missed out on opportunity.  In coordination with Edge Scout, Edge Alerts allows you to decide how many contracts and which markets to trade -- then just wait for the signal.

It's not always a gain, but having the insight provided by Edge Alerts can place you ahead of the game and may improve your chances for success.  

In our opinion, Edge Alerts is a unique, one-of-a-kind, and first in its class service for the Futures Trading industry.  Based on the technology of Edge ScoutEdge Alerts provides near real-time trade signals to truly try and give you the edge in Futures Trading.


Edge Alerts sends you a text

message to your phone, or an email to your inbox to let you know when it's time to trade

Let Your Profits Run... And Cut Your Losses Short

Most trading systems will have more losses than wins, it's just the nature of things.  However, a good trading system will have larger wins than its losses -- and that's the strategy behind Edge Alerts.  We let profits runs and cut losses short.  That's where the built-in risk management comes into play.  Edge Alerts knows when conditions are no longer favorable and when to exit.  Rather than holding on and hoping for a turn of events to the positive side, Edge Alerts gets out and saves it for a better day.

Click the button below to get the Edge on trading today.

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