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Get the Edge in trading!

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The Edge - Futures Trading Services

How much money could you make if you knew which market to trade and the direction to trade it based on solid historical data from previous trading sessions with similar market conditions?

And on top of that, what if you received an email or text message with trading signals letting you know exactly when to trade those suggested markets?

Even if you know nothing about day trading, but you are looking for an alternative investment to further diversify your investment strategy, there is an Edge for you too!

The Day Trader Dilemma

Most successful day traders already have their own methodologies on when to get in or out of a trade, but there are a significant number who are unsure of which market to trade and end up getting distracted by watching 20-30 markets without any real activity.  Often times they get overloaded and miss golden opportunities where precious windows of optimal trading conditions open and close in the blink of an eye.  If your finger is not on the pulse, then you get swept up in the action and left behind.  It's not until after the fact that you realize you missed out on what would have been a nice gain -- or even worse, you waited too long to exit and the incurred loss was significant.

Having the Edge on Trading

Now... what if you had an Edge in the markets and knew ahead of time which markets to trade, the direction, and exactly when to make the trade?  ExitPoints' Edge suite of automated futures trading services gives you that edge in trading.  You'll know ahead of time which markets show the most opportunity for movement.

Even if you know nothing about day trading, but want to get in on the action as an alternative investment, then we've got an Edge that's designed with you in mind.  Enjoy hassle-free, no-frills trading performed by a highly experienced broker authorized to trade our systems.  All you have to do is sit back and wait for the results from the day.  Read about Edge Engage, for more information.

A complete and powerful suite of futures trading services that provides a solution for every type of futures trader -- from novice to expert.  

Edge Suite of Futures Trading Services:

Scout, Alerts, and Engage

The ExitPoints Edge suite of futures trading services consists of three packages: Edge Scout, Edge Alerts, and Edge Engage.  Each package was designed with the individual needs of a particular type of trader in mind.  To find out which Edge package is right for you, take our trader profile test.  With Edge Scout, Edge Alerts, and Edge Engage, each service has been designed to give you the Edge in trading by providing the very information you need to make informed and timely trading decisions during the trading day.  ExitPoints Edge Alerts is a stand alone automated trading alerts service, but it can be used in conjunction with other indicators or trading systems to find optimal trading opportunities. We have designed this system to scan thousands of different trade setups with a number of proprietary indicators to find futures markets that could possibly have large moves and indicate opportunity.

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