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Edge Scout Futures Trading Newsletter

The Edge Scout is the core of our Edge Suite of Futures Trading Services.  It is an email-based newsletter that is sent to our clients every morning recommending markets that we believe will be the big-movers on the day   Edge Scout was designed with the discretionary day trader in mind and provides insightful trade ideas before each trading session.  The trading ideas are generated from our proprietary, algorithmic-based predictive engine that is powered by a data warehouse containing hundreds of thousands of previous trades captured over the course of more than 10 years. 

How It Works

Before each new day, the Edge engine processes millions of data points and analyzes outcomes from previous similar trading sessions and determines what are the most likely outcomes for the present day.  The Edge uses a large historical database of daily futures data and applies artificial intelligence to select the futures market and direction most likely to result in successful trades. Basically the Edge forecasts when it is a propitious day to trade.  The results are then sent to you for action in the next trading session.  Below is an example of the Edge Scout newsletter and the information contained.

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ExitPoints Edge Scout is a Futures Trading Newsletter that is sent daily by email and provides the discretionary day trader with trading ideas spotlighting markets that show potential for big moves.

Focused Strategy

Edge Scout focuses on only two or three markets that the Edge engine identifies as having the most potential for large movement during a single session.  In doing so, it eliminates the need for the day trader to watch 20 or 30 markets, which can lead to overload, distraction, and ultimately missing a big opportunity.  Edge Scout makes it easy and limits the list to only the potential top performers that are identified through the algorithm of the Edge predictive engine.  The result is the savvy day trader having a pointed plan of attack for each trading session rather than using the needle in a haystack approach.

Easy to Use

Edge Scout is super-simple to implement into your trading strategy.  Every morning, at 6AM ,we send out the Edge Scout newsletter with our trade ideas for the current day.  Our trade ideas include the market, contract, and direction.  With this info, the savvy day trader has enough information to understand when they should enter the market.  Then using the Parabolic Stop and Reverse (PSAR) system (or other preferred intraday trading strategy of their choosing), the day trader monitors the market activity, watching for the price to either rise above or fall below the indicator line, depending on the direction stated in the Edge Scout for the current day.


Trading Edge Scout with PSAR

One of the strengths of the Edge Scout is the trading information can be used with any trading strategy of your choosing.  We explain how to use Edge Scout with the Parabolic Stop and Reverse system (PSAR), which is a trading indicator that can be easily found and implemented on most trading platforms.

You Decide Which Edge Scout Trading Ideas Work For You

Subscribers to the Edge Scout do not have to trade every trading idea we send. They can pick and choose and only take action on those that look best based on their own indicators.  And though the PSAR is effective, there are more sophisticated trade management strategies that the subscriber can use to trade the Edge Scout trading ideas.  It's completely up to you. You decide when you want to use the information and we provide the market, contract, and direction.  Jump in when you feel the opportunity is there.

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