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ExitPoints Forex

Our new Forex trading system is the culmination of over 10 years worth of strife and struggle by our chief architect and developer, Dave Register.  For years he wrestled with just the right algorithmic trading approach to create a successful Forex trading system.  With dogged determination and iron will to push through the failures, Dave finally found success and we are pleased to present to you our new ExitPoint's Forex trading system.

The performance has been impressive and you can judge for yourself below from the actual monthly statements.

Actively Traded With Our Own Money

Our Principal, Thomas Register is actively trading this Forex trading system with his own money through Cannon Trading.  Since he started trading, his worst drawdown to date was an unrealized 20% during the Brexit vote in December -- and those trades were no nowhere near that when they closed and became realized. Thomas’s account has been trading in real-time with real money at with Cannon Trading since May of 2018. We've included his actual account statements below.

2020-01-27 04_56_17-Window.png
2020-01-27 04_54_30-Window.png
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