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Thomas Register

Thomas Register has always had a knack for investments and technological programming. He was raised under the tutelage of his father, Dave Register, who began grooming Thomas for a career in securities trading almost as soon as he could walk.


After opening up his first trading account at the young age of fifteen, Thomas would continue on into Futures, which is where he would find his passion.


In 1998, Thomas began his professional career in programming for National Health Services, where he designed and authored an Agency Management System geared at increasing corporate effectiveness and streamlined efficiency. Within two years he was named Director of  Information Technology.


After four successful years with National Health Services, Thomas decided it was time to further his education. He obtained a degree from the University of Houston in 2002. Simultaneously employed at Apache Services as their Information Systems Manager.


In 2005 Thomas went to work at Mid-Continent General Agency, where he was the Information Systems Manager of the IT department, tasked with authoring propriety software for policy issuance and customer management.


Thomas co-founded the futures trading analyst firm Exit Points, LLC in 2003, with his father Dave, where he has utilized his skills in business management and software development. Together they have been successful in establishing the “right mix” of markets that have revolutionized the concept of automated futures trading in order to develop economical systems that limit client risk and exposure and still remain consistent.




“Our mission is to bring new classes of investments within reach of the  ‘every day’ man…”


      -Thomas Register


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