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Trader Profile Test: Determine which Edge Service fits you

The beauty and strength of the Edge Suite of Futures Trading Services is that we have designed it to accommodate a number of different trading styles, strategies, and goals.  Obviously, one size does not fit all when it comes to day trading, and each trader has their own specific needs for trading services.  The Edge provides three packages to meet those various requirements.


Below we have created a short Profile Test that describes the trading styles that each service is best-suited for.  Determine which Edge service you most closely align with and follow the links to the information pages for each one.


Savvy Day Trader

The Savvy Day Trader is an experienced to expert level trader that has an advanced understanding of Futures trading, knows how to use indicators and probably has their own preferred trading strategies.  Capable of determining best points to get in out of a market -- but wants professional insight to help them focus in on potential big movers.


If this describes you, then Edge Scout is the best service for you.  


Market Watcher

The Market Watcher is an intermediate to experienced level trader that has a solid understanding of Futures trading, but not at an expert level. Understands enough about markets to know how to monitor activity, and may even understand how to use indicators and strategies, but wants professional insight to have the comfort of knowing exactly when to enter and exit the markets.  

If this describes you, then Edge Alerts is the best service for you.  


Alternative Investor

The Alternative Investor is either an inexperienced trader or not a trader at all.  They are looking to diversify their investment mix beyond the standard equities markets.  Understands little to nothing about trading futures and wants an experienced professional investment broker to handle all aspects of the trading process.  Essentially, they want a turn-key system where all trading activity is handled for you.

If this describes you, then Edge Engage is the best service for you.  

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