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Automated Futures and Forex Trading Systems

Helping you survive and thrive in the world of high-risk investments

See how in 2 simple steps you can start trading with our automated trading systems

Welcome to ExitPoints

Automated Futures Trading Systems, Strategies, and Services

We build powerful, artificially-aware, self-learning, and totally self-reliant algorithmic-based automated trading systems that signal when to buy and sell for top performance.  

Intra-Day Trading Signals Direct To Your Phone or Inbox

Get the Edge on trading with ExitPoints Edge automated trading alerts.  Receive insightful trade suggestions straight from our automated trading systems right to your inbox.  We tell you when and what to trade.  It's that easy!

Our Automated Trading Systems

Each of our automated trading engines have been designed to be totally self-reliant, artificially-aware, and self-learning.  After each individual trade is completed the system gains experience and becomes smarter.  The information is incorporated into an ever-growing trade warehouse, which contains more than two hundred thousand past trades.

Do you have a broker?

ExitPoints automated trading systems are auto-traded at various brokerage firms and auto-executed on behalf of our clients’ accounts under a letter of direction agreement.  If you already have a broker, we can work with them to receive our signals and trade on your behalf with one of our automated trading systems.  If you do not not have a broker, we have a number of our preferred  brokers listed on our Recommended Trading Resources page that are already set up and well-acquainted with our trading systems.  Any of them are more than qualified to get you set up and trading with our systems.

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